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Darkies Design is now also an online marketplace for Indigenous artists to connect with the corporate world.

Indigenous artists are creating some of the most exciting artworks in Australia today. However, sometimes these artists can face challenges in making money through the sales of their artworks . I have also noticed that the corporate world and especially those forward thinking organisations that have embraced things such as Reconciliation Action Plans in an attempt to connect with and support Indigenous communities across Australia have limited opportunities to demonstrate this. By connecting these two diverse groups together Darkies Designs will create commercialisation opportunities for Indigenous artists and enable corporations to produce real benefit to those artists and their communities by the use of Aboriginal Artworks on all types of corporate promotional products, uniforms and other apparel, etc., and as a result celebrate the richness of Indigenous art and culture by showcasing these works in ways other than paintings.


Aboriginal Artworks


Welcome to Darkies Designs


Darkies Design is an Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Business that was established in 2010 by Dion Devow. The word "Darkies" has been used deliberately to negate the historically inappropriate use of the word and to reclaim the name.Darkies Design

Dion is a Canberra based man who was born and raised in Darwin. He is of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent with Aboriginal heritage that stems from Palm Island in Northern Queensland and Darnley Island in the Torres Strait. On Dion's fathers side he is Manbarra and he and his family are Traditional Owners for the Palm Island Group.  Dion is also a Traditional Owner for the area in and around Ingham North Queensland and descends from the Bada-Bada Warragamy people and is also a desecendant of the South Sea Islander people of Tanna Island, Vanuatu ,who were brought to Australia during the 1800's as a result of the Black Birding slave trade of that time.  Dion's mothers is from Erub or Darnley which is one of the eastern islands of the Torres Strait and has strong connection to Murray Island People...  more...